How To Care For And Breed Your Platy Fish

Those who are looking to get started with keeping fish for a hobby should consider the Platy. It is an easy fish to take care of which is perfect for beginners. There are plenty of pet stores that can supply everything that is needed and help with instruction. The list of resources to help learn the details of maintaining an aquarium is very long. From libraries to bookstores and even other people, learning about proper care for fish and aquariums is simple.


The Platy does well in different sized tanks, but seem to do the best in small to medium-sized tanks.

Tanks from ten to twenty gallons in size will work nicely. They are social fish and will get along with other peaceful fish. these fish like to swim in schools so keeping a few Platys will keep them happy. There may be issues if a male expresses dominance so it would be wise to keep more females than males.


Other factors that make the Platy easy to take care of is that they will eat a variety of food and can tolerate a range of water conditions. As a hardy fish and easy to care for, but they are more appealing for the wide range of brilliant colors and markings. The

striking variations in color make this breed one of the most desired fish even among people experienced keeping fish.


A part of raising Platys that can be intimidating, is that they breed easily. This may be unexpected for beginners who may be intimidated by the idea of taking care of the fry. As a live bearing fish, the females sometimes try to eat their new-born offspring. This can only complicate matters for those who are unprepared. People more experienced with the hobby may want to breed these fish, but have to be aware of the dangers.

Anyone interested in starting an aquarium would do well with the Platy. It is such a striking fish it will be a joy to watch as well as take care of. Many people raise fish as a hobby and are always willing to help beginners. Of all the fish to start with, Platys are one of the best because of the ease of care as well as how attractive they are.

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